Apple and Teradek Announce H.265 Support

There was talk of H.265 at NAB 2017 - are you wondering how to use it yet and why? The following article is a good starting point. In the article you can read questions the writer, Allan Tepper, posed to Teradek about H.265 support.
  1. As Teradek states, there are indeed advantages to using H.265 before the popular CDNs support it directly, (a) to be able to broadcast live with a poorer upload connection, especially in remotes, and (b) to broadcast at a notch higher (i.e. hopefully H.265 at least 720p) when your upload speed wouldn’t have allowed it with the “old fashioned” H.264.
  2. Given that Teradek and Apple will both be supporting H.265 by the end of 2017, there will be much more pressure from popular CDNs to support it to.
  3. Another justification of using Core is to be able to simulcast on multiple CDNs without needing multiple upload speed. You broadcast to Core with your largest resolution at H.265, and let Core feed each CDN with its best códec and best supported resolution, as each one gradually improves.
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