Apple try to lock down Final Cut Pro X's unique design and features by filing 10 patents

A huge day for Apple applying for ten patents in video editing. The patents range from the FCPX GUI with a magnetic timeline and auditions right through to keying, metadata and yes there is even a mention of touchscreen editing in there.

To do justice to all the patents would require somebody to sit with them for a long period of time, days and days not hours. There is a lot of information in there and we are sure that eagle-eyed readers might spot new buttons or distill the lengthy patent speak into possible new features.

Our take on the applications is that Apple are trying to patent the magnetic timeline and near enough the entire way FCPX operates. They are being very thorough.

We will follow Patently Apple's great detective work and try to give a real-life summary on each patent, there is a lot to digest and we will take a look at them one by one over the next few days, you never know we just might spot something that's been overlooked in the excitement to browse through them all.

Media-Editing Application with Novel Editing Tools

This patent describes the operation and layout of FCXP including the magnetic timeline, precision editor, auditions, the use of 'anchor clips' in 'anchor lanes' a 'compositing lane' and spines. Look familiar? read more...

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