Ask the Videoguys Ep. 1 (11-12-19)

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Ask the Videoguys is a new show to be held the first Tuesday of every month! Gary hosts and answers questions asked from our Facebook and YouTube streams!

Thus today Gary did just that! Here are the questions

Where should I deliver my live stream to?

Here is a fantastic diagram showing the most popular and accessible places to stream. There are loads to choose from to best fit individual streaming needs and audiences.

Ask the Videoguys' list of CDN's
List of CDN's

How do I make money live streaming?

A good question! Gary approaches this by tackling the local scene. Find people of interest to what's being streamed. Like an ex boxer for a local boxing match. Shoot for hundreds of dollars not thousands.

What is the status of 4k Streaming

Something everyone is eager for! Videoguys has loads of hardware capable of pushing out 4k streams. Like the NewTek Tricaster TC1. But this also depends on bandwidth. Is there enough?

The Videoguys solution... SHOOT IN 4K! STREAM IN HD! Also watch other 4K streams.

"I need a 2 camera switching solution at an affordable cost so I can start streaming to Facebook & YouTube. What is a good solution?"

Videoguys has done many videos on this subject. These range from camera setups to live demos. Here are a couple. Keeping things under 5 grand.

What are the differences between the Avid Support renewal, Reinstatement, & Crossgrade offers?

What are the Solo Connect bundles & is it better to have the old modems or the new Solo Connect modems?

Many at Videoguys get asked this questions and Gary lays it plain. It is as simple as 1, 2, 3. And these connect starter kits make it easy to get "unlimited" and reliable data plans to live stream anywhere.

How can I send my live production to an IMAG in my Church, school, or live event?


This is an IMAG. Gray gives a whole list of who and where to go to get little to no latency on the projected images.

New Episode First Tuesday of Every Month

Ask the Videoguys will be airing the first Tuesday of every month at 2PM ET. You can ask us your question on Facebook, YouTube, & Twitter. Or give a call at 800-323-2325.

Watch the full webinar here!

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