Ask the Videoguys Ep. 2 (12-03-19)

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It's time for another Ask the Videoguys! Gary and the team have heard the questions. Thus it is time to answer!

Audio with SlingStudio

The SlingStudio has 1 line in port. This allows for direct audio imputing but can be limiting. They key is to know what to look for. If using an audio mixer, look for one that has an output compatable with the 3.5mm line in.

There are work around. The CameraLink lets the camera become an audio input by hooking a microphone directly into a camera. There is also an option to hook audio into a desktop then hooking the desktop to the line in port via the 3.5mm audio port on the computer.

Clean Skype Calls

What is Gary's big tip here?

NEVER Update your gear the same day as the show

Gary Bettan (President of Videoguys)

Skype has always run better with windows. All that can be done is to make sure all other apps are shut down, your have a secured connection, and all updates are installed either a day before or after the call.

SSDs or HDDs?

Gary goes all out with SDD options available. They are light, rugged, portable, and can fit into any shirt pocket with ease!

Here's a list of Gary's 3 favorites:

These are all easy to use. Even many of the production team here have used these drives in the past. There's nothing smaller or better out there.

What's the new Tricaster?

Remember to tune in for the upcoming Videoguys NewsDay 2sDay Webinar going over the new Tricaster Mini 4K in greater detail. But this is an all NDI encoder / switcher with 4K capability!

What do you use for an overhead cam?

The Videoguys team uses a PTZOptics ZCam for their overhead camera. These are small and made for doing just that. Also there's the ZCam-VL Variable Lens. This one now comes with the Epiphan Pearl Mini (for a limited time only) FOR FREE!

NLEs with Wirecast Gears?

The great news is the Wirecast Gears can take almost any NLE (Non-Linear Editor) out there. So post production is an easy option for those needing it on top of live streaming.

Videoguys offers three options!

Tips for what to get!

Gary goes over 5 key steps for anyone who is live streaming but unsure what to get.

5 Tips by Gary from Ask the Videoguys
5 tips from Gary

Get the LiveU Solo with the Solo Connect 2 Modem Starter Kit! Remember that failure is not an option. What does this do? Ensures success.

This will turn you from a zero to a hero!

Gary Bettan (President of Videoguys)

Learn more about the Modem Kits and their Data Plans here!

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