Ask the Videoguys NDI Special (01/21/20)

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Oliver Ricketts (Video Production Specialist - Videoguys) steps in for Gary on 2020's first Ask the Videoguys! Today he is joined by Glen Seaman (Workflow Sales Specialist - Broadfield Distributing) and Adam Noyes (Video Production Specialist - Videoguys). NDI is the focus of today's show!

Videoguys has been playing a lot with the new Tricaster Mini 4K. These questions are ones that have come accross the Videoguys Studio, and how they were solved.

What is POE, what are important things for me to understand?

POE NDI power delivery
Total Power Delivery

People often think that once a switch is bought, it means 30 W over each port. This is false. The truth entirely depends on what switch is purchased. With 30 W, that means that 30 W is spread out over each of the ports (see the diagram above).

Glen's suggestion is make a Powe Budget with the following categories

  • Port - which port the Ethernet cable is being plugged into
  • Device - what device is being plugged in
  • Watts - How much power that device needs to run.

I have a Network set up how do I get PoE?

Get a switch. In terms of what to get, the webinar mentions PoE Texas for the Poe Injector.

PoE Injector
PoE Injector

What PoE switch do you recommend for small productions?

Pro-tip: Compare and contrast different PoE switches from different companies.

Do they support PoE+? PoE++? (The differences are brought up within the webinar.

You can now mix NDI|HX & NDI with NDI 4.0 and the New TriCaster 7.0!

The latest NewTek Firmware Update makes this possibe. Thus if there is a Panasonic NDI|HX camera being used, a BridDog full NDI camera can now be placed over the network. No more worrying about network crashes or overloads.

Watch the full webinar here!

Learn more about NewTek here!

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