aspect hdAspect HD v4.20 is now available. Many new features are included, such as generalized file conversion and rescaling (including from SD) into CineForm Intermediate New version includes : †¢ New scaling algorithms, particularly for enhanced interlace SD exports. DVD exports from HD projects have never looked better. †¢ Desktop and Overlay controls now work as they should. Desktop mode corrects NVidia level shift issues (ATI works best with overlay on.) †¢ HDLink now supports conversion of common media types (now most files that play with Media Player can be converted with HDLink.) Your good old DV, WMV or any miscellaneous AVI (some MOV) files can now be batch converted into CineForm Intermediate. †¢ HDLink now supports resizing of all sources to standard HD sizes. Previously you could up-convert SD, or any non-standard image size. †¢ HDLink now supports resizing of HD to SD great for fast DVD masters from your completed HD projects. Includes 16x9, letterbox and center cropped NTSC and PAL outputs. (new since beta) †¢ Added aspect ratio control for CineForm SD media (rendering to 16x9 SD now imports as 16x9) †¢ Enhanced compression quality even further (across all encoding modes.) †¢ Added 23.976 to 25p conversion within the HDV capture controls for PPro. †¢ Added de-interlacing and resizing options to Premiere Pro's HDV capture (to match the controls in HDLink.) †¢ HDLink fix for long file batch M2T to AVI conversions †¢ Fixed audio corruption that can occur with an interruption of Premiere’s audio conform †¢ Many many other small fixes and refinements If you've tried Aspect HD before but your time ran out, download the new trial for a bonus 15 days. Download the new version from

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