Atlanta Cutters inaugural meeting. FCPX, Premiere, Avid and Smoke

Walter Biscardi put the inaugural meeting of the Atlanta Cutters together in three weeks from scratch. He lined up demos of the top NLE's and more for the packed house.

Walter is well known in the editing industry, you might have seen his many contributions on industry forums. He's also well connected and full credit to him for organising an event in such a short space of time, it was a full house too.

If you would like to attend the next meeting of Atlanta Cutters, it is on the 24th August and will focus on digital storage and archiving.

Walter's posted videos of the four main presentations of the night, we think there was a slight problem with the audio but they are still watchable. We start off with Even Schectmann who gives a truncated demo of his recent FCPX presentation we featured a few days ago. Click here to watch the videos from the event.

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