ATOMOS 10-Year Anniversary Product Round-Up!

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Atomos is celebrating their 10 year anniversary! Gary hosts today’s webinar showing off their fantastic product roundup! Here is where it’s possible to find beginning videos, training, along with new bundles!

Ninja VAtomos Ninja V Tech Specs

Atomos Ninja V Tech Specs This 5″ monitor is perfect for mirroless, DSLRs, and gaming. It can shoot up to 4Kp60 10bit HDR along with being daylight viewable.

Check out this video showing the Ninja V’s HDR Engine

Shinobi Series

The Shinobi’s come in two different flavors.

Both are a 5” HDR Photo & Video Monitor​ with 1000nit High Brightness screen​! Thus making these perfect for DSLRs to cinema cameras.

Shogun 7

Atomos 10 year Anniversary Shogun 7

Check out the Atomos Shogun 7 for larger scale video monitoring. Here are some of it’s amazing qualities

  • Real time 4K recording in ProRes RAW​
  • Dolby Vision HDR Output​
  • Atom HDR Blacklight System​
  • Touchscreen interface​

Atomos + ProRes RAW + Premiere Pro

Atomos is now able to bring ProRes RAW into Premiere Pro. Thus it is great news for Windows editors. Before this feature was mainly for Mac users. Now this new feature and compatibility now brings Windows users into the mix. These features include:

  • The Atomos ProRes RAW Ecosystem is now supported on Premiere Pro ​
  • Now supported on Mac and Windows 1.0 Beta​
  • Edit with maximum flexibility

SUMO 19 4KP60 HDR Monitor-Recorder

Videoguys use one of these to record all of their live streams. Thus saving time and gives full HD uncompressed video to use and edit. These feature include:

  • Available with SDI/HDMI​
  • Includes Switching Capabilities​
  • Records in ProRes RAW

AtomOS 10.4 Firmware Update Enable Switching ​

Videoguys has a bunch of new bundles including LiveU coming soon! Information will be available shortly. Here are some of the features 10.4 enables:

  • Switching is available for both the Atomos Shogun 7 and Sumo 19 Monitors​
  • Switching also allows quad view and ISO recording up to four cameras​
  • Firmware update is completely free and available on the Atomos Website.​

Check out this video demoing the switching capabilities.

Atomos Academy​

Social Distancing has canceled NAB Show 2020. In response, Atomos has launched the fantastic Atomos Academy. Thus letting users see and also demo their products. These are videos made by the users for the users.

Check out their website here!

Watch the full webinar here!

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