AtomOS 11 for Shogun Connect

Atomos is excited to introduce AtomOS 11 for the SHOGUN CONNECT; the firmware is now available for download. This update opens the door to all the exciting new features offered by AtomOS 11.

Upon applying this firmware, SHOGUN CONNECT will offer the same functionality and features as the SHOGUN ULTRA. This is a significant enhancement that will take Shogun Connect user experience to a whole new level.

The firmware update includes:

  • Performance Boost: AtomOS 11 brings improvements in memory management and responsiveness.
  • H.265 codec included for free!
  • RecordAssist and PlayBackAssist simplify advance recording and playback arrangements.
  • Advanced suite of monitoring tools: including EL ZONE System, ARRI False Color, Vectorscopes, Zebra, Atomos False Color, Onion Skin, and more.
  • SDI Cine Compatibility: The new SDI Cine feature streamlines workflows by automating filename matching, timecode synchronization, and record triggering from ARRI, Canon, RED, and Sony SDI cameras.
  • Dual Record: This feature allows users to capture footage in up to 4Kp60 ProRes RAW and H.265 simultaneously, catering to a wider range of user needs.
  • RemoteView: Enhance user experiences by providing the ability to share live camera views remotely on Atomos Connect devices and iPads, Macs and Apple TVs wirelessly.
  • Camera to Cloud Mode: Publish directly from the cloud with 4K H.265 Camera to Cloud mode, simplifying content distribution.

Upgrading to AtomOS 11 is essential for any SHOGUN CONNECT user who wants to get the most out of their device. The new features and improvements in AtomOS 11 can help you produce higher-quality content, improve your workflow efficiency, and save time and money.

Get the firmware update here!

Learn more about Atomos here!

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