Atomos Academy: Jem Schofield explains the new features of AtomOS 10.3 for Ninja V

Atomos has used it's resources across their user base to create Atomos Academy. This is a collection of Atomos users showing how they use Atomos gear to create work in their field.


In this class Jem Schofield of the C47 does a deep dive into the latest features on the Ninja V HDR monitor-recorder introduced with AtomOS 10.31. He clearly shows how to set up and use these additions so you are ready to shoot.
Jem details how the update provides Ninja V users with the ability to manually apply a Full-to-Legal range conversion on the recorded input. The setting provides the option to legalize REC.709 inputs that are using Full range (8bit 0-255 / 10bit 0-1023) to accurately map these to Legal range (16-235 or 64-940) for increased flexibility with NLE systems.

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