Atomos Announces Adobe Premiere Pro Extension for browser based Atomos Edit

We are excited to inform you that Atomos has developed an Adobe Premiere Pro Extension for Atomos Edit where Atomos' browser-based NLE appears as a panel directly inside Premiere Pro.

While this extension enhances and streamline workflows for Adobe customers, it also opens up business opportunities for our partners to bring Atomos solutions to creators with the need of instant collaboration workflows during the editing and a faster way to edit and publish video anywhere. Completing the workflow is as simple as incorporating an Atomos monitor-recorder, whether it's the modular Ninja solution with Atomos Connect or the integrated Shogun solution.

A Powerful Cloud-based Workflow

With the Adobe Premiere Pro Extension for Atomos Edit, editors will see content being uploaded and can access previously edited sequences from Atomos Edit, in real-time. Then, they can drag this content straight into a Premiere Pro project.

Atomos Edit, Atomos’ browser based, collaborative video editor, is an extremely rapid way to get content directly from a camera to an editing timeline, dramatically simplifying the end-to-end production process. You can upload media in the field directly from any connected Atomos device (via Atomos Cloud Studio), edit, and then choose to immediately publish direct to YouTube or Vimeo. Alternatively, you can export a sequence via an XML file to an NLE such as Adobe Premiere Pro.

About Atomos Edit

With Atomos Edit, web optimized playback allows teams and external clients to view images, audio, and video on any device. It’s easy to review and approve from phone, tablet, or desktop. Activity reports allow you to see who has viewed, downloaded, commented, and more. With push notifications, you’ll never miss reviews or approvals.

Key Atomos Edit features include:

  • Professional-style timeline with multiple audio and video tracks
  • Multi-user editing with ability to lock the timeline
  • Collaborative review, comment, tag and approve workflow
  • High speed, interrupt-resilient uploads of large video files
  • Effects and transitions
  • Powerful sequence versioning
  • The ability to directly import stock video content

A beta version of the Premiere Pro extension and a demo of the complete workflow will be shown at the Atomos booth at IBC (11.D25).

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