Atomos announces support for the new Apple ProRes RAW plug-in

Atomos is proud to announce the support for the new Apple ProRes RAW plug-in allowing creators to utilize their camera specific adjustments. With the new ProRes RAW plug-in, users have the freedom of choice to utilize their camera's specific white balancing, noise reduction, demosaicing, lens distortion correction, and more! They can even employ all these adjustments simultaneously, making their lives easier.

Atomos is delighted to collaborate with Canon, who is the first camera manufacturer to deliver the ProRes RAW Plug-in for Final Cut Pro.

This new development opens new possibilities for Atomos users, by incorporating the ProRes RAW plug-in into their workflows. Atomos users gain the best of both worlds being able to access to key camera related adjustment while the recorded ProRes RAW footage would have full flexibility to adjust all settings in the NLE.

By installing ProRes RAW plug-in from a camera maker and edit ProRes RAW footage from the camera model supported by the plug-in, it is possible to choose between “use standard Final Cut Pro processing” or “camera-specific processing provided by the camera vendors plug-in".

"This new feature for the ProRes RAW ecosystem is absolutely going to change the way people think about recording ProRes RAW. For the first time the filmmaker literally gets the best of all worlds: shoot in ProRes RAW with the option to immediately apply camera-specific processing, use standard processing, or customise individual parameters to their own taste. You have to ask yourself: why wouldn’t you shoot in ProRes RAW?"
Trevor Elbourne, Atomos CEO.

Check out the full press release here!

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