Atomos AtomX CAST Firmware is Here!

Atomos is pleased to announce that the firmware for Ninja V to activate the full potential of the AtomX CAST is now available to download on the Atomos website.

The new features include:

  • Support for 4 x HDMI video inputs in 1920 x 1080 at up to 60 frames per second
    RAW inputs are not supported by the AtomX CAST module.
  • Touchscreen control for set up, configuration, and quick switching.
  • 4 x dedicated backlit control buttons for tactile control of switching functions.
    F1 – PIP – Select the input for the Picture in Picture overlay (yellow).
    F2 – Audio – Switch between embedded HDMI audio channels (red) and press again to enable Audio Follow Video (blue).
    F3 – Overlays – Switch between your created overlays. Press once to show graphics in the preview output from the NINJA V (green), or hold to allocate the graphics to input 1,2, 3 or 4 (red).
    F4 – Switcher – Switching control to change between video inputs can be set to 1 touch cut (red) or 2 touch preview cut (green).
  • Apply Picture in Picture (PIP) effect over the input selected as program out, choose from preset sizes and location with an option for opacity adjustment.
  • Upload custom graphics from HDD/SSD and store up to 8 PNG files on the unit. Create and store separate custom graphic layouts, with a dedicated graphics bus per input, allowing each input to have its own graphics layout.
  • Audio switching provides the option to cut between audio sources.
  • Support of Mic/Line level for stereo input from external sources like audio mixers.
  • Connect via USB-C to your MAC/Windows/Linux computer with Plug & Play UVC support across all major video conferencing and web streaming applications.
  • Record a clean feed of the program without graphics or effects overlays in ProRes or DNxHD to allow for revisioning in post-production.

AtomX CAST is for video creators and anybody who wants to make broadcast quality multi-camera programs simply and quickly from anywhere. It is also for anybody that wants to add professional broadcast quality features to their online meetings, presentations, remote learning/training, virtual conferences, demonstrations or engaging corporate videos. Since CAST is simple and easy to ease, you don’t need to be a video professional to achieve great looking results.

Firmware is available to download here!

Learn more about Atomos here


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