Atomos Cloud Studio - Atomos' new online toolkit

Introducing Atomos Cloud Studio, a powerful new collection of cloud-based video production tools and services.  Cloud Studio will launch with two new cloud-based live video production services for sharing and real-time collaboration. Atomos Capture to Cloud uploads files from Atomos network connected devices to cloud-based platforms, including (an Adobe Company). 

Atomos Camera to Cloud
Atomos Camera to Cloud is a powerful, flexible, and immediate way to share clips from a camera to remote team members or online file storage systems.

By removing the need to manually offload cards during production, worry about secure back-ups, and wait for rushes to be reviewed, cloud workflows breakdown the traditional divisions that exist between production and post, bringing teams closer.

Camera to Cloud adds new dimensions to these systems by allowing more cameras than ever before to be connected to online services and by introducing faster ways to upload footage.

How it works
The platform will launch with integrations for businesses using, with many more to come. Atomos Cloud Studio acts as a management interface, where users can see all of their connected devices, to control and monitor how they are working with online services. With Camera to Cloud customers will simply connect any network enabled ATOMOS device to their camera and begin uploading clips instantly to the cloud service of their choice.

Camera to Cloud also includes support for ATOMOS AirGlu™ technology which enables direct communication between devices and provides a wireless timecode lock, an essential feature for all multi-camera post-production workflows.

Camera to Cloud also supports a unique “dual record” mode to further accelerate the process of uploading to the cloud - starting the upload process at the point of acquisition, rather than at the end of the file. With dual record enabled ATOMOS CONNECT, or SHOGUN CONNECT will record two files with matching filenames, timecode, metadata simultaneously. This allows users to effortlessly relink proxies and hero files later in the edit process, with just a mouse click.

Atomos Stream
An all-in-one solution that enables any Atomos network-enabled device to deliver a live stream. Whether customers use the new ATOMOS CONNECT for NINJA V and NINJA V+ or the SHOGUN CONNECT, connecting the device to the destination platform and configuring a stream has never been easier.

At launch ATOMOS Stream will include free support to deliver content directly to a single platform including Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube, and more.

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