ATOMOS CONNECT and SHOGUN CONNECT New Firmware Enables Camera to Cloud Workflows

ATOMOS has released the latest firmware update for the SHOGUN CONNECT and ATOMOS CONNECT that will now enable Camera to Cloud (C2C) workflows. This means more digital cinema, mirrorless, and DSLR cameras can now deliver media directly from production to post.

From Record to the Timeline
The C2C workflow is able to provide a direct path for production to send media directly to the post-production teams. Media is transferred from C2C certified devices on set to the cloud, for viewing, approval, and editing.

Experience the Future of Filmmaking, an Adobe company, and ATOMOS have worked together to make C2C available to more cameras and easier to use for everyone. With ATOMOS CONNECT and SHOGUN CONNECT, today's filmmakers can taste the future of digital film production and become the pioneers of advanced cloud workflows. Camera to Cloud
Since it's launch in early 2021, C2C has been used by over four thousand productions to instantly get footage from the set to post-production teams. Editorial teams using NLE integrations will see new clips populate into their bins throughout the day.

SHOGUN CONNECT and ATOMOS CONNECT for NINJA V / V+ offer the fastest way for remote teams to post clips directly to without waiting for camera cards to ingest or hard drives to ship.

With ATOMOS and C2C, every filmmaker has the opportunity to accelerate their workflow, collaborate in real-time, and support remote team members, no matter the location, budget, or camera. C2C support is included in AtomOS 10.81 available for download now from

Learn more about ATOMOS CONNECT for NINJA V/V+ HERE


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