Atomos Connect Camera to Cloud Workflow Success Story

In the blog post "How GMedia tells great stories in no time with Camera to Cloud" by Atomos for Videomaker, the senior producer Joshua Cruse from GMedia shares insights into their video production workflow and how they efficiently tell compelling stories using a Camera to Cloud (C2C) approach. Here's a summary:


  • Joshua Cruse, senior producer at GMedia, began his journey capturing musical performances with a passion for audio and video.
  • GMedia, the creative agency for Green Machine Ensembles at George Mason University, focuses on showcasing various musical performance groups.

Challenges Before C2C:

  • Traditional video production workflows led to exhaustion, with long hours waiting for media to off-load onto disks.
  • Upgrading to high-quality 4K video added to the production team's burden, as the post-production workflow didn't keep pace with camera advancements.

Transition to Camera to Cloud (C2C):

  • GMedia adopted the Camera to Cloud workflow using Atomos Connect module for Ninja and integrated it with the creative collaboration platform.
  • The continuity of using Atomos devices from the late 2010s to the mid-2020s provides a sustainable and cost-effective practice.
  • C2C workflow proved to be a "magic link" for GMedia, offering cohesion, accessibility from anywhere, and significant time savings.

Benefits of C2C Workflow:

  • C2C workflow includes Atomos monitor-recorders with C2C connectivity and for near-instant file uploads.
  • Editors can start crafting edits sooner, speeding up post-production, and proxy files stored in are perfect for quick social media edits.
  • Josh emphasizes the importance of proper archiving without sacrificing recording quality for quicker turnarounds.

Real-Time Collaboration with C2C:

  • A specific example from April 2023 highlights the real-time collaboration aspect of C2C.
  • A remote producer, Tina, edited footage in real-time from home while Josh, on-site, confirmed shots using an airpod, showcasing the flexibility and efficiency of C2C.

Time-Saving and Future Plans:

  • Time is emphasized as a non-renewable resource, and the C2C workflow is designed to save time and make the team's life easier.
  • Josh and the GMedia team see C2C as a long-term solution, committing to utilizing it as long as and Atomos support it, highlighting its transformative impact on their workflow.

In conclusion, GMedia's adoption of Camera to Cloud with Atomos and has not only saved time but has become an integral part of their efficient and innovative video production process, allowing them to tell compelling stories quickly and effectively.

Read the full blog post by Atomos for Videomaker HERE

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