Atomos CONNECT Enables Camera to Cloud 6K Workflows

PhotoJoseph used Camera to Cloud (#C2C) duinrg the NAB 2023 show to create his content. PhotoJoseph used the LUMIX S5II and shot everything in 6K open gate mode, and with the help of C2C he was able to deliver high-quality verical social media content in real time. After the show he was also able to produce 4K widescreen delivery. 

In PhotoJoseph's LinkedIn article here gives a step by step of his workflow for his NAB Project. See his workflow below.

  1. PhotoJoseph shot interviews and b-roll footage on the NAB show floor using a vertically mounted LUMIX S5II camera.
  2. The footage was recorded internally in the LUMIX S5II to SD cards in V-Log, 4:2:0 10-bit, HEVC codec at 200Mbps.
  3. The S5II can record internally in 6K while simultaneously outputting 4K over HDMI.
  4. The camera's HDMI output fed into an ATOMOS Ninja V+ with the ATOMOS CONNECT system attached to it.
  5. The ATOMOS Connect converted the incoming 4K HDMI feed to HD "proxy" clips to push to the cloud, using a Sclera Digital bonded cellular modem in a backpack.
  6. The HD files were then uploaded to, where a remote editor could access them.
  7. The editor would cut the stories into vertical shorts, which were then pushed back to for review and approval.
  8. Once approved, the vertical shorts were posted to social media.
  9. After the show, he could re-edit traditional landscape Ultra HD from the vertical 6K source.
Here is a video recap of the workflow 

Check out the full article here!

Learn more about Atomos here!

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