The Atomos Connect is an excellent solution for converting your HDMI camera source to USB, which will allow you to bring in a traditional camera, computer image, or production system as a webcam or USB image.

One great feature of the Atomos Connect is it will allow you to change your cameras to webcams.  This means, your computer will read a standard camcorder or DSLR with HDMI feeding into the Atomos Connect as a USB webcam, making it compatible with popular web conferencing applications like Zoom, Skype or Teams!

The same application can be used to feed your HDMI out production systems to your computer.  

In addition, the price is right!  The Atomos Connect is a powerful device prices at just $79. 

Check out this article from ProVideoCoalition to learn more about some great applications for the Atomos Connect. 

Learn more about Atomos HERE.