Atomos Edit Integration Within Atomos Cloud Studio

Atomos has annouced that Atomos Edit has now been integrated within Atomos Cloud Studio (please note that Atomos Edit is currently available as a beta version).

In combination with Shogun CONNECT, Zato CONNECT or Ninja V/V+ backpacked with Atomos CONNECT, the new editing online service offers a compact workflow solution to all kind of creators to seamlessly collaborate and edit their footage anytime, anywhere. Atomos Edit is like a Gmail moment for video editing. Find a computer, sign in, and edit. No need for physical storage, software installation, or awkward software drivers. It’s just there. Anywhere. It’s powerful, too, with a familiar layout and the tools you need to edit and deliver quickly.

In the ever-evolving content creation landscape, cloud-based workflows offer unparalleled efficiency. The release of this new solution comes at a time when cloud-related workflows are gaining popularity within the media and content production industry.

Atomos has consistently been at the forefront of the cloud-based workflow with their range of Atomos CONNECT Devices and Atomos Cloud Studio. With the addition of Atomos Edit, Atomos further empowers all content creators with a powerful and user-friendly editing platform.

Learn more about Atomos Edit here!

Learn more about Atomos here!

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