Atomos Enters the Lighting World

Dive into the latest developments from Atomos' Live session as CEO Jeromy Young announces the company's bold venture into the lighting world. Explore insights on BRAW support, innovative lighting control via Ninja devices, and the future of film and TV production.

Discover the groundbreaking announcements from Atomos' recent Live session with CEO Jeromy Young. From enhanced warranty offerings to game-changing advancements in lighting technology, delve into the highlights of this eventful session.

  1. Enhanced Warranty and Cloud Subscription: Learn about Atomos' commitment to customer satisfaction with a comprehensive 3-year warranty on all purchases, along with free base upgrades and a complimentary 6-month cloud subscription.

  2. BRAW Support and Editing Flexibility: Explore the discussion surrounding BRAW (Blackmagic RAW) support in Atomos recorders, offering increased editing flexibility for users, particularly those utilizing DaVinci Resolve.

  3. Revolutionizing Lighting Control: Gain insights into Atomos' strategic move into the lighting industry, spearheaded by CEO Jeromy Young. Discover how the company plans to revolutionize lighting control through Ninja devices, enhancing workflow efficiency and image quality.

As Atomos embarks on its journey into the lighting world, the Live session marks a pivotal moment in the company's evolution. Stay tuned for further developments and witness the transformation of film and TV production with Atomos' innovative technologies.

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