Atomos Integrates with FCPX and AVID

Creative COW by Debra Kaufman Atomos, the Melbourne, Australia-based company that creates solutions in continuous power technology and affordable digital recording to HDDs or SSDs, continues to extend its workflow-related products to many more media productions and projects. "We offer a lot of advantages to the camera man including ease of use," said CEO/co-founder Jeromy Young. "Our engineering specialty is low-power high function devices. We wanted to make a one-stop recorder where you can leave it for 10 hours. It's the entire eco-system and it's also a one-touch interface. We worked very hard to have that very simple. "I was happy with the reputation the company is getting as a complete solutions provider," he added. "We give you a Pelican case, a docking station and two batteries, and you can buy the disks from Frye's. The unit is very solid, very rugged. Everything locks into place, so you can throw it around a bit and it won't compromise the functionality of the product." At the show in Amsterdam, Atomos announced integration of its Ninja and Samurai field recorders with Apple Final Cut Pro X, with no transcoding, copying or legacy capture cards. Both the HDMI-equipped Ninja and the HD-SDI Samurai can record up to 8 hours of ProRes video onto a single HDD and also work well with SSDs. Both devices offer support for ProRes 422 HQ, ProRes 422, and ProRes 422 LT, and are priced at $995 and $1595, respectively. According to Atomos CEO Jeromy Young, "the Ninja and Samurai include all accessories required to start shooting and editing." read more...

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