Atomos introduces two new network-connected devices!

Atomos has recently introduced two new  network-connected devices that make it easier for digital film and video productions of all sizes to capture, transcode, upload, and collaborate with anyone, anywhere in the world! The Atomos CONNECT and the SHOGUN CONNECT

Check out the some highlights from Atomos' press release covering the news. \

"The ATOMOS devices capture high-quality content in your choice of professional formats. When capturing to you can choose to simultaneously record high-quality “hero” and bandwidth efficient “proxy” files with matching filenames and timecode. When recording in this way you create great-looking HEVC (H.265) “proxy” clips alongside full-resolution “hero” clips in either Avid DNxHR/HD, Apple ProRes, and on the NINJA V+ and SHOGUN CONNECT, ProRes RAW. Each proxy can be automatically uploaded to using a new ATOMOS progressive file transfer technology, which begins transferring the file even as it's being captured. This workflow is simply the fastest way for remote teams to publish clips directly to without the typical delay of waiting for camera cards to ingest, hard drives to ship, or even for the camera to stop recording."

"This new partnership with represents our commitment to provide customers with the most advanced and comprehensive production workflow options. It was clear to us that ATOMOS could expand Camera to Cloud and reach many more filmmakers. The SHOGUN CONNECT represents our first all-in-one, connected device and indicates how we see our future evolving. And we're thrilled to provide the ATOMOS CONNECT for NINJA V/V+ for our existing customers to further expand their workflow and create collaborative opportunities around the world."
Trevor Elbourne, Interim CEO, ATOMOS

Check out the full press release here!

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