Keys to successfully producing virtual events

Anthony Burokas of Streaming Media Producer wrote a great article covering everything you need for a successful virtual event. Since the pandemic, many companies had their employees work from home. And even though people have slowly been returning back into work, remote work has proven to be just as productive. Remote work is here to stay, which means so are virtual events! 

Burokas highlights his "Three Tiers of Hybird," in his article and goes over the different ways to try and bring local and remote people together. 

The High-Level Hybrid Event

Burokas has a lot of experience with remote productions and fully hybrid events.  Burokas compares high-level hybrid events to in-person events, which means it takes the same amount of people to have everything run smoothly.  It takes a lot of people to manager a fully hybrid event. 

"If a high-level hybrid event sounds like it takes a lot of people, that's because it's no different than a big, in-person event. That also takes a lot of people, and a lot of organization to make it all come together properly. Now it has the added wrinkle of combining two events, a cloud event and an in-person event, at the same time. Yes, it is complex."
Anthony Burokas

The Mid-Level Hybrid Event

Mid-level hybrid events aren't as immersive or expensive as high-level hybrid events but is just as engaging. Burokas  produced several mid-level hybrid events where he used various production platforms and environments and even pre-record content. 

"Sometimes delivering pre-recorded "look-live" content is even better because it can be made very dynamic through editing, AND the presenters are simultaneously available to comment and reply to the audience in the text chat, directly answering questions that they would not have been able to if they were focused on making the presentation."
Anthony Burokas

Low-Level Hybrid Events

Burokas describes a low-level hybrid event as  a business chat application, like Zoom, Teams, etc, and the entire event happens in this platform. These events do not have the same onscreen effects as mid or high level hybrid events but they can be produced faster and deliver information in an effective way. 

Check out the full article here!

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