Atomos NEON 10-bit 4K 24″ Monitor/Recorder

The Atomos line of Neon Monitors are here after being announced in 2019, and shipping starting in November of 2020. This is a different product for Atomos, as the 24" functions as a high end, 4K display and recorder with a large size and amount of screen real estate. This monitor comes in at $6,499 and fits a ton of different workflows.

The NEON is most similar to the SUMO- Atomos' 19 inch sumo monitor.  It also comes with built in recording, but in a different form factor.  The NEON comes with a Master Control Unit that hooks into the back, roughly the size of the Ninja V.  This device has HDMI built in, and the capability to accept the AtomX SDI Xpansion module.  The actual NEON Monitor relies on the Master Control Unit, as it does not have inputs on the monitor itself.  

The NEON also has true 10-Bit display, not 8-bit.  This is one of the only 10-bit monitors in it's price range.  It makes for an impressive image in recording and playing back 4K footage.  The monitor features a super wide 178 degree viewing angle as well. 

Check out this article from to learn more.  

Learn more about Atomos HERE.

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