Atomos NEON Colorist Meetup & NEON Setup for an NLE Workflow

The new Atomos NEON 17 and NEON 24 are precision on-set and in-studio 4K HDR production monitors that also record and play back. Featuring full array local dimming (FALD) to achieve1000nit/cdm2 full screen brightness, 0nit / cdm2 Black point. With wide gamut DCI P3 coverage, built in LOG transforms for HDR monitoring and custom 3D LUTs for SDR the NEON series provide accurate monitoring for either production or post. 

Now is the time for filmmakers and creators to get to know more about what the Neon can do to their workflow. 

Back in December, A Colourist meetup took place and was a great opportunity for creators around the world to be introduced to the Neon 17 and 24 and learn all about their features like 4K HDR video resolution, record and play back functionality and image control via the AtomRemote App. 


Watch the Colourist meetup below..

Atomos also released a video on how to setup for NLE workflow with NEON Monitors. Check it out below.


 Check out the "Colorist Meetup Presents - Atomos Neon HDR Monitors that you can afford" video on YouTube here!

Check out Atomo's "Atomos NEON Monitors - How setup for NLE workflow" video on YouTube here

Learn more about Atomos here!

Learn more about the Atomos NEON here!


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