NewTek's AV is Revolutionized over NDI at InfoComm 2019!

Located by booth 1925 at InfoComm 2019 is NewTek! This time they are demonstrating a revolutionary new system integrators, designers, and installers.

So what's their goal? Modernizing AV over IP.

The booth will feature a single vertical cabinet containing 16 NewTek hardware devices and an array of cutting-edge advanced software tools designed to create, stream, publish, convert, and monitor AV content and more.

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Having only a 1GB Ethernet local area, everything is controlled from any of the demonstrations there! Yet people can access any capability as a demo. Therefore, NewTek has successfully shown their in network systems for AV over IP. So saving money, time, space, and other resources has never been easier!

“NDI allows anyone integrating AV over IP solutions to be far more dynamic than ever before with our own InfoComm booth demo being a great example. Every device and application we’re showing can be controlled at any touch point.”

Dr. Andrew Cross ( President and CTO of NewTek)

So the future is now! All thanks to NewTek!

NewTek NDI Logo
NewTek NDI Logo

Also at the Booth for NDI?

Sony IP&S Inc. BRC-X400 IP 4K Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera with NDI®|HX capability

BirdDog P200 NDI PTZ Camera


Exterity AvediaStream Transcoder

Kiloview N1 NDI Hx Encoder

Lumens VC-A505PN PTZ Camera

Magewell Pro Convert HDMI TX

Switchblade Systems Splyce X4 NDI Encoder

Vaddio RoboSHOT 30E NDI Elite Series Professional PTZ Camera

And more.

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