Atomos Neon Series Monitors are Perfect for DIT

The Atomos Neon series are excellent studio monitors designed to bring filmmakers and live streamers a full picture of the content they are creating in HD HDR.

These monitors provide a tremendous amount of screen real estate for the DIT to share with the director, and the rest of the crew.  The ability to capture detail in its fullest capacity is truly valuable to film makers, especially ones working on high level productions like Ember Films, who are covered in Atomos' most recent case study on the NEON 24 Monitor.

Recently Atomos created a video case study on the NEON 24 monitor which Ember Films is using in their production studio environment with their DIT.

Check out the Case Study from Atomos, below.

"Join us as we connect with  UK based independent production company Ember to discuss the importance of color precision and HDR monitoring with the Neon series monitors. Boasting a true 10-Bit 24 inch monitor in a native 4K DCI 17:9 aspect, the Neon provides 100% DCI P3 standard color gamut coverage and bridges the gap into the world of HDR. Equipped with Dolby Vision technology in conjunction with a 1,000 NIT value and 180 degree anti-glare viewing angle, the Neon employs the power of true HDR monitoring and enables you to witness the full tonality of your image. Observe the undeniable power of the Neon - offering the precision and versatility you require in an affordable package for all your image pipeline needs."

Check out the video on YouTube HERE.

Learn more about Atomos HERE.

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