Atomos Ninja... after 2 weeks on set.

by Sean J Vincent A few weeks ago, i bought the Sony FS100 and an Atomos Ninja Pro Res recorder. I decided on the Ninja after months of reading up, testing and research. One of the first things i did was update the software to Version 2...this gives you full quality playback which is vital in the field. I meant to buy a pair of spinning drives and an SSD for all the action shots we would be shooting. As it turned out, we never got an the whole shoot was done on regular spinning drives...and only 5400rpm ones too. There was lots of running around with the FS100 and Ninja on a shoulder rig... and only twice in 2 weeks did the drive not cope. Both times the rig was being really shaken about. All the other times it performed perfectly. I think this proves that Atomos are right... for 99% of the applications, the regular spinning drives cope well enough. It was so nice to be able to whack the drives into the docking station and check the rushes back on my MacBook Pro. We could see instantly what was working and what wasn't. Things like strobing... which often didn't show up too clearly on the monitor were all too evident once the footage was viewed full size on the Mac. This kind of flexibility is what makes the Ninja system so perfect for feature shooting. The dual battery system meant we never lost power...and they lasted for ages! read more...

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