Atomos Ninja and Ninja Ultra en route

Atomos is thrilled to share the exciting news that shipments of Ninja and Ninja Ultra are now in transit to the Videoguys warehouse! The next generation of Ninja is en route, marking the beginning of its journey to inspire creatives across the globe.

To unlock the full potential of the new features in Ninja and Ninja Ultra, users need to install the latest firmware update available on the Atomos website at When powering up your new device, you will get a notification message in your display to install the updated firmware, ensuring a seamless and optimized user experience.

The Ninja is a 5-inch lightweight, compact camera-mounted 10-bit HDR monitor recorder up to 4Kp60 in ProRes, ProRes RAW, Avid DNx, H.265 codec amplifying on monitoring features and connected capabilities. The Ninja Ultra is a leap forward in filmaking technology. You get all of Ninja’s monitoring/recording tools and capabilities, but in conjunction with the Atomos Connect, it opens up a host of ultra-efficient cloud workflows, including dual record ProRes RAW/H.265 for Camera to Cloud, automated matching filenames with cinematic cameras and 4K H.265 for instant publishing from the cloud.


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