Atomos Ninja and Ninja Ultra vs old Ninja V Feature Comparison

In this comprehensive overview of the Atomos Ninja and Ninja Ultra, we delve into the upgraded features and advanced capabilities that make them a worthwhile investment, especially for those seeking enhanced functionality in their recording setups. Video credit goes to Victor Laforteza for providing valuable insights into the new Atomos offerings.

The Ninja Ultra stands out with its ability to capture 8K ProRes RAW for compatible cameras, surpassing the Ninja's 6K recording capacity. A notable improvement in the Ninja V is its USB-C power compatibility, providing users with increased flexibility in power options. Cinematographers benefit from two additional exposure tools in the new Ninja, offering false color measured by IR values and false color measured by stops, enhancing control over exposure settings.

A game-changer is the introduction of a record schedule feature, allowing for automated initiation and conclusion of time lapses, streamlining the setup process. The new Ninja also includes H.265, ProRes, ProRes RAW, and DNX formats at no extra cost, eliminating the need for a separate purchase of the EXT ra codex as required by the older model.

The camera and Cloud feature facilitates real-time access to 4K 422 10-bit H.265 files, optimizing workflow efficiency. Both the new Ninja and Ninja Ultra support remote viewing and high-quality streaming to up to four devices, including other Ninja or Ultra devices with the Connect module, iPad, MacBook, or phone.

A significant upgrade is the incorporation of ezone or AR false color in the new Ninja, enhancing its overall value proposition. To further sweeten the deal, the option to sell the old Ninja can help fund the transition to the new model. With these advanced features and improvements, the Atomos Ninja and Ninja Ultra prove to be a compelling choice for content creators and filmmakers looking to elevate their recording capabilities.

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