Atomos Ninja Assassin - Killer New Field Monitor Recorder

ninja-assassin-insitu-shot116x9The new Atomos Ninja Assassin delivers many of the same features as their flagship Shogun, for HDMI based video cameras and DSLRs. You get 4K & HD recording, a beautiful 7" HD display and all of the performance you expect from Atomos. We love this new model and we think it is exactly what professional DSLR shooters and those with HDMI camcorders are looking for.
Videomaker by Pete Tomkies


Atomos have announced their latest professional recording solution — the Ninja Assassin. The Ninja Assassin offers 4k/HD recording, 7” 1920x1080 monitoring, advanced playback and editing in a compact, lightweight and affordable add on to DSLR, mirrorless and video cameras.
The new Atomos Ninja Assassin offers the screen size, resolution and advanced recording capabilities of the premium Shogun model, but by removing the 12G/6G/3G-SDI RAW recording, in-built conversion, gunlock and balanced XLR audio connections Atomos have reduced the weight to only 430g and the MSRP to $1295. read more...

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