Atomos Ninja CAST is a versatile, category-defying, multi-camera device for monitoring, recording, switching and casting

Cinematographer and editor, Emel Berdilek discusses how easy the Atomos Ninja CAST is to work with and how it will enhance your productions in a recent video. The Ninja CAST is for video creators or anyone who wants to make broadcast quality multi-camera programs simply and quickly from anywhere. Add professional broadcast quality features to your online meetings, presentations, remote learning/training, virtual conferences, demonstrations or engaging corporate videos.

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"The NINJA CAST is a versatile, category-defying, go-anywhere, multi-camera device for monitoring, recording, switching and casting. Extending the power and performance of the Atomos NINJA V/V+, it offers 4 HDMI inputs, picture overlays, Picture-in-Picture (PiP) recording and transitions. All in a form factor that will literally fit in the palm of your hand. The NINJA CAST is the ideal solution for small crews, single-operators, event producers and streamers who want to employ more elaborate setups and enhance their productions."

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