Atomos Ninja V 5" Monitor-Recorder Packed with Capabilities

The Atomos Ninja V has become a very popular monitor due to its size and its ability to record ProRes RAW.

As opposed to its sibling model- the Atomos Shinobi- the Ninja V is a monitor/recorder. The model has a matte black finish, and includes an air vent and with a visible heat sink.

The back of the device includes both a battery cradle and an SSD mounting slot.

While the Ninja V's SSD slot will fit most existing SSD drives, ATOMOS and Angelbird have also created AtomX SSD mini, which will fit the monitor without protruding or sticking out.

The Ninja V's battery slot also doubles as an expansion port for the monitor. The port is compatible with many of Atomos' AtomX accessories including the AtomX Ethernet/NDI and Sync devices.

The Ninja V retails at $695, which I think makes it rather incredible value for the money. It is absolutely packed with features to help you get the shot, and its small size means that it is very portable, as well as being much more manageable when mounted to a camera than its larger stablemates. I have become a bit of a fan of Atomos products over the years, and the Ninja V just shows that the company's output is just getting better and better.

Simon Wyndham- in a review for the Ninja V for

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