Atomos Ninja V Delivers ProRes RAW for Nikon Z7 & Z6

atomos_ninja_vFrom Sean Berry with Videomaker

Shooting quality video these days has become much easier to accomplish. You can get the image you want in various ways even have more and more options in post-production with various software and color grading techniques. However, this is not always as easy economically. Most often planning any production will take it's toll literally on your wallet. But sometimes two or more companies come together to make it possible to get cinema-esque quality that doesn't expand your budget, rarely do they shrink it.

With the combination of Nikon Z6 or Z7 mirrorless cameras and Atomos' Ninja V monitor/recorder users now have the ability to record in Apple ProRes RAW giving users of these products the best picture quality possible. The small compact Atomos Ninja V allows Nikon Z6 and Z7 users to record the best quality those cameras are capable of. This is exactly what Atomos was hoping to achieve with these new monitor/recorders. A smaller, easier and more financially sound device that also pushes the technology further than even thought of previously. For any production looking to save money for more important things on their budget, the Atomos Ninja V monitor/recorder can helpp.

Atomos said the partnership is meant to help creators looking to add the elusive cinematic quality to their work. ProRes RAW will surely help those looking to beef up the cinematic quality to their videos since it preserves the maximum dynamic range, color accuracy and detail. Colors can also be matched more easily and more information in the footage can be edited in post....[continue reading]

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