ATOMOS Ninja V Gets Better with Camera to Cloud, Live Switching, and Streaming

Explore the Enhanced Features of the Atomos Ninja V and the Complete Atomos Product Family. Discover the significant upgrades that have transformed the Atomos Ninja V and the entire Atomos Product Family over the years. In this insightful overview, Chris Spiegl delves into these enhancements, unveiling new workflows, opportunities, and cutting-edge features such as direct-to-cloud video recording, seamless streaming, and live editing. Enter a world of possibilities that these advancements bring to the table, providing a wealth of benefits for creators and enthusiasts alike.

Watch the full video below:

Chapters / Show Notes:
00:00 Intro and Overview of Firmware Upgrades
00:43 Time Lapse Recording
00:54 RAW Capabilities - Atomos Ninja V
01:29 Connecting Atomos Ninja V to the internet
03:32 Example Use-Case: Canne Film Festival Social Media Video Production
04:35 You don't get suck in the Atomos Cloud
05:14 Editing Proxy Files in the Cloud
05:39 Atomos Connect Summary
07:18 AtomXCast: The Big Upgrade
07:57 Live Switch Controller Software for MacOS
08:54 Audio follows Camera Mode
09:30 Picture in Picture Mode
09:56 Scene Switch Settings
10:45 Camera Input Control and Settings
11:32 HDMI, SSD, and Stream Output Settings
12:34 Overlay Setup, Position, Onloading
12:58 BIG Upgrade: Color Adjustments via AI Support
13:51 Camera Input Color Matching by Generating an AI LUT
15:41 Summary and Outro

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