Atomos Ninja V update with CEO Jeromy Young

Thank you to everyone who has bought a Ninja V so far. We are delighted with the amazing response it has had since we started shipping it a few weeks ago. With the new AtomOS 10 on Ninja V there have been some significant changes in the way things we do things compared to our previous models – especially in the overall look and feel, the placement of buttons, and the way that AtomHDR works. To help you understand these improvements we’ve put together a short video. In it Atomos CEO Jeromy Young walks you through the new user interface and explains the reasons behind the changes. He shows you how to get set for good exposures on your Ninja V for your HDR or SDR productions, minimizing the noise in the shadows, while ensuring highlights are not excessively blown out. From ATOMOS

Click here to watch on YouTube.

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