Atomos Ninja V with Lumix BGH1 ProRes RAW Editing Workflow

Tommy Rowe of Row Films recently produced a short film to show off the release of the new firmware that opens up ProRes RAW to the LUMIX BGH1 and Atomos Ninja V. In Atomos's recently video for Atomos Academy, Rowe goes over how to colour grade ProRes RAW files from the BGH1 and the benefits of having full RAW controls. According to Rowe, this was his first time using ProRes RAW and his expectations were met! 

Check out his video here!


"Join filmmaker Tommy Rowe of Rowe Films as he shows us how to edit files from his short feature 'Kernow'. 'Kernow' was filmed using the LUMIX BGH1 camera and Ninja V monitor-recorder in ProRes RAW. Find out how to colour grade ProRes RAW files from the BGH1 and learn more about the benefit of having full RAW controls in Final Cut Pro. You'll also get a chance to see Tommy's LUTs that he creates himself in Photoshop and shows us how to use them in Final Cut Pro."

Check out the video on YouTube here!

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