Atomos OS 11: Fantastic New Features For Ninja, Ninja Ultra, Shogun & Shogun Ultra

Explore Atomos' Latest Advancements: A Detailed Dive into AtomOS 11 Features. Discover the groundbreaking features of AtomOS 11 through our in-depth video guide. Join us as we walk you through the innovative updates that make Atomos a leader in the industry. Stay informed and stay ahead with AtomOS 11's cutting-edge capabilities.

Watch the full video below:

00:00 - Intro
00:22 - More Codecs
01:26 - False Color Technologies
02:06 - Schedule Playback/Record
02:30 - SegmentPro
03:00 - SDI Cine
03:26 - Dual C2C Recording
04:25 - 4K Camera To Cloud

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