Atomos & Panasonic Announce RAW Video Connection from Lumix S1H to Ninja V

This Atomos and Panasonic are excited to announce RAW over HDMI for the newest Lumix S1H cameras. This connection exists between the S1H and the Atomos Ninja V 4K HDR monitors.

“We are very proud of continuing to develop new ground-breaking technology with a company of the caliber of Panasonic. We are both highly committed to the democratization of film making for creators, and the ability to transmit RAW over HDMI from the S1H to a Ninja V is a major leap forward in this endeavor.”

Jeromy Young, Atomos CEO

The Lumix S1H is the first full-frame mirrorless camera that shoots in 6K internal video. It pairs perfectly with the Ninja V, because it combines cinema grade quality videos with a the compact size of a mirrorless camera. Of course, the best lightweight monitor recorder Atomos has to offer, would pair perfectly.

“The leading brand of external monitor-recorders is definitely Atomos. Both companies have a very good relationship and we have been providing 4:2:2 10bit HDMI output recording for the Lumix GH series for years. We are very proud to be developing RAW output via HDMI with Atomos for the S1H.”


Atomos' Jeromy Young had this to add:

Our advancements in screen technology now allows creators to accurately monitor RAW video in real-time as it would be viewed in the home or cinema for perfect preservation of creative intent. Our pristine custom Atomos HDR screens are second to none in color accuracy and representation of brightness from RAW signals. When combined, these advantages create a dream workflow for filmmakers.

Jeromy Young, Atomos CEO

The Lumix S1H and Atomos Ninja V will be shown working together at this month's IBC show in Amsterdam.

Find out more at the Atomos Website HERE

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