Atomos presents: Steve Bayes on ProRes RAW

Atomos has recently launched their ProRes RAW Knowledge Series, and part 1 is here! Steve Bayes, Principal, Steve Bayes Consulting LLC will be doing a four part series starting with a brief history of ProRes RAW. 

A little background of ProRes RAW by Atomos

"Accelerated by the need to create a unified and robust compressed RAW format within the industry at large, Apple ProRes RAW driven by Atomos products has burst onto the scene giving users a file that has the power of ProRes and the flexibility of RAW. In this ProRes RAW Knowledge Series, we will cover how ProRes Raw came to be with Apple’s legacy ProRes formats, as well as explore samples, applications, and even provide tips & tricks to help you on your next ProRes RAW project."

Check out Bayes explaining the history of ProResRAw here


Check out the video on YouTube here!

Check out the full article here!

Learn more about Atomos here!

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