Atomos ProRes RAW Plug-ins Unlock RAW Processing Pipelines

In a recent article from No Film School, Jourdan tells us how every camera manufacturer can now provide their own ProRes RAW processing pipeline. ProRes RAW, as one of the two most common global RAW formats for video, has long been considered the holy grail for those seeking to capture and record digital video at the finest possible quality. While many cameras support RAW recording in some way or another, Atomos' new breakthrough promises to completely unleash Apple Pro RAW for all cameras, everywhere.

Atomos has announced immediate support for Apple ProRes RAW plug-ins, which should allow manufacturers to construct their own ProRes RAW processing pipelines to mix with the unique aspects of their own cameras, sensors, lenses, and so on.

With this new variety of plug-ins, every camera manufacturer will be able to design their own ProRes RAW plug-in to bring out the greatest quality video recording from their own cameras, potentially introducing ProRes RAW to any camera you now possess or intend to purchase in the future.

ProRes RAW Recording

The good news is that now that Atomos has enabled ProRes RAW recording, all ProRes RAW plug-ins should work flawlessly with Final Cut Pro and any other editing programs or color grading applications that have purchased a ProRes RAW SDK license. For future camera makers, suppliers, and consumers, installing this new ProRes RAW plug-in should be simple, claims Atomos.

Once available, you may quickly install a ProRes RAW plug-in from a camera manufacturer, and FCP will immediately be able to display all of the increased features of your compatible camera—including all of the distinctive features of your camera setup.

Additionally, if you use a ProRes RAW plug-in, you'll be able to edit your video with camera-specific tweaks like altering the white balance, adding noise reduction, correcting lens distortion, demosaicing footage, and many more in the future.

A New ProRes RAW Ecosystem

For those who already use Atomos and Final Cut Pro, this is certainly wonderful news, but it should also persuade others to think about using one of these tools or processes in the future. At least, that's what Atomos thinks will result from this announcement.

“This new feature for the ProRes RAW ecosystem is absolutely going to change the way people think about recording ProRes RAW. For the first time the filmmaker literally gets the best of all worlds: shoot in ProRes RAW with the option to immediately apply camera-specific processing, use standard processing, or customise individual parameters to their own taste. You have to ask yourself: why wouldn’t you shoot in ProRes RAW?” -Trevor Elbourne, Atomos CEO

This is a significant advancement for the ProRes RAW format and opens up a ton of exciting possibilities for high-end video recording and editing, especially since they were the first to the market with their 8K ProRes RAW compatible mirrorless camera with the Canon EOS R5.

Read the full article from No Film School HERE


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