Atomos Releases Shogun 7 Update with Multi-camera Switching

At this point, anybody tapped into industry news knows about the new Shogun 7 Atomos update- and for good reason! The new Shogun 7 update for the popular HDR Monitor-Recorder-Switcher continues Atomos' mission to make professional, multi-camera production more accessible to creators.

The firmware update gives users touch-controlled switching, quad monitoring and ISO recording. Content creators can switch back and fourth between two live HD SDI video streams at 1080p60, with a single touch. Picture can be output from the monitor in HDMI or SDI- simultaneously.

As far as ISO recordings are sent to the same high performance SSD drive. Your footage is ready to edit immediately after your shoot has finished.

This latest update takes the Shogun 7 - a product that costs less than $1500 - to a whole new level by giving an extremely powerful, new storytelling tool to our customers. This switching update is absolutely fundamental in driving forward Atomos’ goal of democratizing video content creation. With live switching now available to any filmmaker, on a simple-to-use, touchscreen device, we’re taking multicamera video out of the purely professional domain and giving every content creator access to this more engaging form of storytelling.

Jeromy Young, CEO of Atomos

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