Atomos Shinobi: $499” 4K/HD HDR SDI monitor

Atomos has just announced the Shinobi SDI monitor. This lightweight monitor can be paired with anything from a RED camera to a GoPro.

The Shinobi 5" 4k/HDR monitor with HD-SDI and 4K HDMI features a durable body, making it a great "go-anywhere" option for any professional production. The monitor provides flexibility between SDI and HDMI, accurate picture, and HDR, but doesn't require external recording capability.

The monitor has a 1,000nit display with a pixel density of 427 pixels per inch and features an anti-reflection, anti-fingerprint screen. Factory calibrated for color accuracy, the Shinobi can be used in almost any environment.

The Shinobi SDI is perfectly suited to broadcast and Pro AV as a great option for every camera that needs a monitor. In the field its daylight viewability is essential for news and sports applications. It is also the ideal confidence monitor for live crosses and interviews.

Jose Antunes in provideo coalition's review of the Atomos Shinobi SDI

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To learn more or purchase the Atomos Shinobi SDI Click HERE.

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