Atomos Shinobi 7" Monitor with 2200 Nits of Brightness and Camera Controls

Atomos has recently announced the new Shinobi 7 Monitor. Shinobi 7 combines a large 7” HDR screen with a calibrated peak brightness of 2200nits and the lightweight monitor-only functions of the original Shinobi. The Shinobi 7 can be used in the brightest of environments to monitor signals up to 4Kp60 via HDMI or SDI. An ideal directors’ monitor, focus pullers’ monitor, program or preview display for video switchers, and perfect for vloggers presenting to camera. Brian Hallet of ProVideo Coalition does a quick overview of the new and exciting monitor. 

Check out some highlights from the article here 

"Shinobi 7 is a bigger and brighter monitor that takes the foundations of the original Shinobi to new heights. With a calibrated peak brightness of 2200Nits, the Shinobi 7 can tackle the brightest of environments without the need for a sun hood or the need to convert Log inputs for HDR monitoring."

"With the big, bright, and beautiful, lightweight display, the configuration options are endless, providing an ideal director’s or focus puller’s monitor, program, or preview display for video switchers and the perfect view for vloggers presenting to the camera. Brighter monitors make it easy to use them in many different settings."

"The Shinobi & screen displays a stunning 10+ stops of dynamic range in realtime from Log/PQ/HLG signals. Combined with our unique HDR monitoring features, the Shinobi 7 simplifies the complexities of shooting Log and HDR, helping you to replicate post-production workflows at the moment when it matters most – during your shoot. With Adaptive Cooling, you can also prioritize reduced fan noise or the display’s peak brightness, allowing you to choose between a brighter image on the Shinobi 7 or reduced fan noise."

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