ATOMOS SHINOBI Hands on Review - The Best 5" 4K HDR Monitor

The Atomos Shinobi is an awesome 4K monitor, functioning like the Ninja V at an affordable price.

The Shinobi is a portable monitor with a display exactly how you want it. The picture packs a high brightness with a 1000nit 5 inch HDMI monitor.

The device is perfect for vloggers, creatives, videographers and photographers.

Atomos has been developing amazing monitor and recorder technology for years in order to simplify and improve video creation. Shinobi, our first stand-alone small monitor features all of our amazing screen processing technology and professional monitoring tools – now packed into a 5 inch ‘monitor only’ device.

Shinobi features a ‘run all day’ single battery, 1000nit high brightness screen, HDR capability and advanced functions that are easy to use. There’s even a new selfie Mirror Mode for vloggers and a new multi-tool Analysis View that’s a cinematographer’s dream. Set up your shots accurately using our advanced histograms, waveforms and video scopes. Shinobi is the perfect companion to improve any photo or video production.

Check out the video on YouTube HERE.

Learn more about Atomos HERE

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