Atomos Shinobi is the Least Expensive and Most Reliable Field Monitor

Tech Jounralist, Allan Tépper reviews the Atomos Shinobi in his recent article with ProVideo Coalition. The Shinobi was Atomos's first stand-alone small monitor that features all of of Atomos's amazing screen processing technology and professional monitoring tools. It's high brightness 1000nit 5 inch HDMI monitor makes it perfect for vloggers, creatives and photographers. According to Tépper  "The Shinobi from Átomos is the least expensive and most reliable standalone instrument I know to test camera shyness/outgoingness in each mode. Of course, the Shinobi is much more than that." Check out more of the highlights from his review below. 

"Why the Shinobi is ideal to test camera shyness in each modeMost other portable monitors I have seen sadly round non-integer framerates to the closest integer and many don’t even indicate whether the incoming signal is presented is progressive or interlaced. Fortunately, the Shinobi —and other products from Átomos— display non-integer incoming framerates to two decimals. (I would prefer three in the case of 23.976 but I’ll accept 23.98 as close enough for the purpose of camera shyness. It’s certainly much better than rounding it to “24”, which is a completely different but acceptable framerate even in 2021.) In addition, the Shinobi indicates whether any HD input is progressive or interlaced. In that sense, the Shinobi goes beyond its published specs."
Allan Tépper


"Whether we like it or not, camera manufacturers are still making shy cameras in 2021 for reasons that no longer make sense. The Shinobi from Átomos is the best standalone and foolproof device to test camera shyness and to know exactly what the camera is actually outputting, so we can take evasive action, as I have covered in many other articles. Of course, the Shinobi is also great to check your framing, focus, lighting and exposure, as many other tech journalists have covered in their reviews."
Allan Tépper


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