Atomos Shinobi SDI: Small, Portable SDI Capable Monitor

The new Atomos Shinobi SDI monitor, announced in February, improves on the previous HDMI version. An SDI non recording monitor has been a popular request from Atomos users for years. Enter, the Shinobi 5" SDI.

The Shinobi SDI is light weight at 7.97 oz/ 226 g. It features a Polycarbonate ABS body, similar to the Ninja V- however this monitor is 37% lighter. Therefore, the monitor pairs perfectly with the Canon C200, C300, Sony FS7, FS5, and Panasonic EVA 1- all light weight digital cinema cameras.

The Shinobi SDI is easy to use and versatile enough to be used with a digital cinema camera or a DSLR/ mirrorless camera.

The unit is also packed with exposure and monitoring tools.

From's new article reviewing the Shinobi SDI

The unit also has multiple mounting points, on both the top and bottom. Equiped with the same screen as the Ninja V, the Shinobi features an identical 5.2" 1000nit anti-reflection uni-touch IPS panel. There is a full HD 1920 X 1080 moniyot with 427ppi.

The box also features decent color accuracy, and is easily calibrated.

Best of all, the picture is both indoor and outdoor view-able, in a variety of different conditions.

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