Atomos Shogun 7 gets more Advanced with New Firmware

The Atomos Shogun 7 is already a top of the line monitor/recorder that fits perfectly into any professional shoot. It is perfect for professional cinema grade cameras, and DSLR videographers a like. The Shogun 7 is a precision HDR monitor recorder.

Now, this top of the line monitor just got even more advanced. The newest Shogun 7 update from Atomos includes a host of new features that users will love.

New Features

The most prominent feature in the Shogun 7 is it's switching capabilities. With the addition of Live Switching, Shogun 7 is now perfect for event coverage. This comes at a time of significant boom in live streaming platforms.

The monitor now also features genlock in and out for your live switching and recording needs.

With HDMI 2.0v, users can now also capture up to 4K60p via Quad Link, Dual Link or Single Link, with the Shogun 7 monitor.

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