Atomos Shogun 7 Upgrades to Super-Bright 3000Nit HDR

Atomos made waves at IBC2019 when they announced upgrades to their popular Shogun 7 monitor.

The Shogun 7 is a popular 7" HDR monitor recorder. The device will now feature a super bright 3000nit picture, which is a steady upgrade from the original 1500nits.

The Shogun 7 is a unique device in its combination of LED and LCD technologies working in one display. It provides an ultra bright picture, and vivid color performance.

“Unbelievable HDR is just one of the many compelling benefits of the new Shogun 7. Now, thanks to a super bright 3000nit screen, we can give professional shooters, filmmakers and content creators over 15 stops of dynamic range."

Jeromy Young, Atomos Co-Founder and CEO

Check out this video about the Shogun 7 from Atomos, Below

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