Atomos Shogun Firmware Update: Ignore Audio Dropouts

Atomos is happy to announce a new firmware to enable the "Ignore Audio Dropouts" function for SHOGUN CONNECT. With this latest firmware update (AtomOS 10.91.00), Atomos now offers the option to enable (enabled by default) this function in the Audio menu, greatly enhancing the recording experience for all SHOGUN CONNECT users.

The "Ignore Audio Dropouts" function includes several key features:

  • Seamless recording: By activating this function, Shogun Connect users can ensure uninterrupted recording even in the presence of audio dropouts.
  • Fill gaps with silence: Instead of splitting the recording, the device intelligently fills any gaps in the audio track with silence, preserving the continuity of the recording in the same file.
  • Improved audio stability: This function specifically addresses the prevalent issue of audio dropouts, particularly those associated with wireless transmission systems or general audio interferences.
  • Time-saving in post-production: By avoiding fragmented recordings caused by audio dropouts, users will save considerable time and effort during the editing process.

With the "Ignore Audio Dropouts" option enabled by default in the Audio menu of SHOGUN CONNECT, users can confidently record without any concerns. Any audio dropouts will be seamlessly handled, ensuring uninterrupted recording.

The firmware update can be downloaded from our product support page at the following link:

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